Saturday, December 3, 2011

iSimply FLyByNight

On a cold, dark, winters midday, I decided I had enough of the indoors, and wanted to get out. I was upset, I needed my blood to flow, but the darkness had taken over, I would no longer daywalk. I had to go back to my roots of irishness and red headed vampire living. But how? I remember Jayson had an LED frisbee that sort of worked, but seemed a bit like an overgrown plastic plate with light. And I told myself I could better it. So I took my Ultimate 175g frisbee and added 2 LED's. Took it up to the local football field where we play every day, until it got dark, and took it for a spin. Down here is the footage, And during the the launch, we were approached to make one for a Christmass present.And now,the second frisbee is done and waiting for the young chap to beat the darkness. The footage actually shows the LEDs a little too well, in the darkness, it really appears to be a bright ring of lovelyness.

 I will have to load the images as I get them.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Frisbee Golf

Laura and myself headed down to the park today to test out this sport called frisbee golf. Ultimately we had decided the night before to wake up early and head down to Riskkov to test this sport out, but as morning arrived and our lazy eyes chose not to flicker at 1st light, which I think is close to lunchtime these days in this decrepit lighting skeem they have this far north.

A thought crossed my mind this morning which made me wake up. It was about to go below zero degrees C for the 1st time here, and for the 1st time for me, I think, and It is supposed to do that tonight. So I got Laura up, and got the frisbees together, and we headed down to Risskov. the map is below.

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Here are a few shots of the course. Notice the golf buggies, really uselful. Hence the wonderful use of the helmet I sport.

Here Laura is pondering which frisbee to use. Will it be the 4 or the 6.

Goes for the 4,
And catches the tree. Should have used the 6

Frisbee in mid Flight, its the white speck in the middle of the tree in the middle of the picture. One of Lauras many magnificent, "drives".
My handicapped 165g disk. I just had to throw that in there. As I was beaten by a girl.

Just shows you can be outside in Novemeber... you just need a helmet to keep your head warm.

Left shoulder just not in the game at all, must have duffed that shot.

One of the holes.

Laura looking for her disk in the bushes. Just kept on the fairway.

The day turned out to be absolutly wonderful with Laura beating me by a stroke! Ok so the day didnt turn out that well, but we had fun till I lost.

I just wanted to add, we don't use the proper disc's. The poper ones I found out on saturday are smaller. thinner, and can be thrown very far. Our discs made it very interesting, and a lot of fun, the wind was there and we still went around at about 5 shots a hole. I got this down to nearly 4 a hole on saturday.

Send a reply if you want to make up a team and challenge us, or just have a game and a quite one.

Indoor Garden

Let me do a small intro to myself and then to describe my plan to make my indoor garden and why.

I have recently moved to Denmark, living in Lystrup now, from Sunny, South Africa. After uni, I worked on yachts for 5 years in pretty much hot, sunny conditions, and with very little soil. However, before both uni and yachts, until I was 18, I had a garden that I cherished and adored. The lawn, I watered every day, I walked out my "cricket pitch" (rectangular piece of garden next to the swimming pool) I played in it for many hours, cricket with my best mates. a little one on one touch rugby during the 1995 world cup when mini rugby balls first came out, and many other activities that required a lot of outside time. During this time I acquired a green thumb, a knack for growing things. All patches where my mom hadn't planted anything and the sun shone brightly I grew something. I grew onions, sun flowers, corn (they turned out to be dwarf corn, which i tried to make pop corn with not very successfully) potatoes, and my absolute favorite, the AVO tree, that was about 7 years old before my dad chopped it down for the neighbors just before we moved out.  

So I had a knack for growing things. at uni, my good mates had a little garden in which we planted many chillis, tomatoes, and a few other things, and on the yachts I finally resorted to buying a little bonsai that kept me entertained for the good part of a year before I resigned and had to give it away.

So now I live in Lystrup, and have a garden, albeit, not my own, as we rent, but still, I should grow outside my african instincts tell me....on no. winter is upon us, and I am about to find out all about it in a real big way. Things dont grow in darkness and in snow!

So this is my plan.
In the south facing window, in the living room, I will make a window sill plantation.

It may be two levels. as the window is split already. 

I will use one or two shop lights accordingly. the window sill is 180cm across. the split is 60cm high with 10cm above that and another 60cm to the top.


I have already got numerous birds eye, peri peri, chillis growing from seeds, 3 tomato plants, 2 orange trees,and soon to be beens and Clementines, all from seeds we have chosen not to eat. 

As I have a thing for gadgets I will also be implementing a way of counting the sunlight hours, probably using an LRD as a light detector, and a counter to count time, I will make a way to make sure my plants get 16 hours shine!

Next I may add an automatic water pump, but highly unlikely as I really enjoy seeing how my plants are doing, and enjoy watering them. but it would be really cool to use a moister detector to detect when the ground is dry and needs water.

Other inclusions is maybe a data gather. how many light hours are there per day.

Maybe a web cam, to take the daily photo. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Web App for Kindle - Send to Kindle

I have been using Google Chrome for a while now, and being in a new country, and not speaking the language, the the web pages for everything you need in the new country are all in this new un readable language, Google Chrome comes to the rescue, and translates 90% of everything automatically. But this is not what this post is about.

Klip.Me's Send to Mobile Application

This post is about a Google Chrome app. It is called Send to Kindle. And while I am researching my PIC data sheets, and trying out different electronic problems, that I read and re read, and want to read more, but I know I have little time before the bus comes, I click the "K"  button on the top right of the browser, and it automatically sends to my kindle.

I turn my kindle on and the wireless on for a few moments while I brush my teeth, get my shoes on, and then turn it off, put it on my bag, and in the buss, I have the web page to read.

Sometimes, the page format is a little obscured. And my formulas can be a little difficult to read, sometimes it all works out perfectly. And I am stoked to see it.

A pretty useful tool for the kindle. And best of all, Wireless means its free. I think the 3g versions will pay if using 3g. has versions for Android, and Google Reader.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bread Boards and Kitchen Appliances

I went shopping, and brought home a bread board for our new place. Laura wasn't too pleased, So I added a few things here and there, and 'suuped' it up for her. Its now a real time saver

Friday, August 26, 2011

Kindle Cover

The Kindle has served me well so far. I think ebooks are wonderful things, and to christen my kindle, I read the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy first up.

Here I show with pics how easy it is to look after it.

I also thought Id add to my collection of hobby kits a knife set, and more wood glue. So bought that too. I drew a mark around the kindle with pencil, and cut. At the end, when I felt I had enough and the kindle fit snugly, I used the wood glue to re enforce the page frames.

Its not a cover I use to read the kindle with. Its just there to protect it. I really like the size and weight of the kindle in my hand. I didn't want any other excess, but I did want to protect the screen where ever I take it, and I did not want it stolen, being African, its normally the 1st thing on my mind.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting two emulators to run at the same time:
Run your application with one run configuration,
i.e. Default CldcPhone1, and then change the configuration,
either at the project settings,
or next to the run button, and set up to another emulator,
ie Default CldcPhone1 and run again